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Crystal Salt Cave

Committed to Excellence

Our Services


Halotherapy is an all natural, drug free alternative treatment that can help improve respiratory issues and skin problems. The magic is our Halogenerator that grinds up surgical grade salt and mixes into the air of the cave. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and breathe.



Reiki’s an ancient holistic form of spiritual healing where it’s administered through the light touch method on a fully clothed person. You’ll begin to feel relaxed as it helps you heal. The energy works on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues.


Our Location

Crystal Salt Cave

8065 Brentwood, Blvd. Suite 2, Brentwood, CA, 94513

Our Background

Lisa Pacheco - Founder

Lisa Pacheco is a certified Usui/Holy Fire III, Karuna Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Master, and certified as a crystal energy healer who provides beautiful healing Reiki energy to clients in my Himalayan Salt Cave.

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